DEAD SPACE SONG Hell In The Headspace By Miracle Of Sound (Industrial Metal)

HELL IN THE HEADSPACE (Miracle of Sound)

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EVIL WITHIN SONG - Into The Mind by Miracle Of Sound (Industrial Metal)

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Deadspace - Rapture [Official Video]

Full length record 'DIRGE' out now and available here: bandcamp

NECROMORPH SOUP - Dead Space 2 song by Miracle Of Sound

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Dead Space 3 - Songs of the necromorph

Exploder necromorphs make a very distinct sound that can chill your spine. However, they are also very slow and very dumb so ...

Dead Space 2 Rap

cross your heart and hope to die stick a needle in your eye.

DOOM SONG - Hell to Pay by Miracle Of Sound (Epic Metal)

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Dead Space 2 - Disturbed Hell

Just wanted to make a music video for the sake of it. The clips used are not mine, except for "titles" used in Windows Movie Maker.

The Ballad Of Clay Carmine - Gears Of War 3 Music Video

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Keeping Me Human

Keeping Me Human · JT Music Nerdcore Encore ℗ JT Machinima, LLC Released on: 2013-10-10 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Miracle of Sound: Binary Divide (The Darkness 2)

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Dead Space 3 Rap "Keeping Me Human" by JT Machinima - Lyrics

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NORMANDY - Mass Effect song by Miracle Of Sound (ME3 version) Official video

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Santiago's Lament - Gears Of War 3 Music Video

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A Good Time To Rewind... Dead Space 2

A Music Video, Montage, Glitches n' Stuff, all in one.. but like next to each other.. Yo.. Just gonna say it.. Dead Space 2 is like one ...

TITANFALL SONG - Man And Machine

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TRIP TO VEGAS Fallout New Vegas Song By Miracle Of Sound

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Miracle of Sound: Mortal Kombat Party

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