Blender 3D Grease Pencil Beginner How To Add Sound Edit Trim

How to import and Edit Audio in Blender 2.9 using Grease Pencil. Beginner tutorial

In this video, we will be looking into the video sequencer, how to import and edit audio files to your blender 2D animation Enjoy!

Blender 3D Grease Pencil Absolute Beginner: Masking and Layer Transparency

Blender 3D Grease Pencil Lesson on how to apply layer masking to make transparent background.

Adding Audio into Blender 2.8

How to add audio files into Blender 2.8 for 3D and 2D projects.

Blender Grease Pencil: Storyboard Setup with Additive Drawing and Draw on Strokes on Back Tools.

Blender 3D Grease Pencil Lesson on how to get started with storyboards using Grease Pencil.

2d Animation Blender 2.9 - How to Grease Pencil - On A Creepy Night! Part 2

In Part 2, we will use the Fill Tool in Blender to color the character. This is a very way to color or add materials to your Grease ...

How to prepare your Vector files in Inkscape to import to Blender 2.9 Grease Pencil.

This is a Blender tutorial on how to prepare vector files in Inkscape which is a FREE vector program in a Grease Pencil 2d scene ...

How to Animate with Blender Grease Pencil

This is the best way to get started with Blender Grease Pencil 2D Animation.

Blender Grease Pencil proportional editing.

How to use the proportional editing function in grease pencil to make changes to a drawing. Creating an animation with a single ...

Blender Quick Tip 12: How to render from the viewport in Blender Grease Pencil.

This is a Blender Quick Tip on how to render the viewport as oppose to render from the render settings using the grease pencil in ...

Grease Pencil - SUPER Basic Beginner Tips

Hello there! I just wanted to post some basic beginner tips for the Blender Grease pencil. It's a bit long winded cause I'm not really ...

3 Grease Pencil Goodies in Blender 3.0 // Learning Blender 2D

The 3 new features in Blender 3.0 (Alpha): 1. Fading Effect (with the Thickness and Opacity Modifier) 2. Adding a Layer and ...

Blender Grease Pencil - Stylized River

A quick tutorial with how to combine 2D and 3D objects in Blender to make a stylized river.


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80+ Blender Grease Pencil tips and tricks for beginners (All you need to get started)

This blender tutorial will teach you ALL important things about Grease Pencil in a time efficient and fast way. Grease Pencil is a ...

Blender 2D/3D for beginners, drawing and animating with greasepencil (blender 2.8) - Part 1/2

Summary of part 1 : 00:00 Introduction 00:43 Discover the upcoming features 01:25 Basics of blender 03:10 The 3D cursor 06:12 ...

Blender 3D Grease Pencil Beginner Lesson Using a Reference Image and 2021 HUION Kamvas 12

Grease pencil beginner lesson using a 2021 HUION Kamvas 12 drawing tablet and tracing reference image.

Blender tutorial: Create the "Ghost pianist" animated scene (A to Z) !

In this long tutorial (10 hours) I'm going to guide you through every steps in the making of a full animated scene using Blender and ...

Simply make a Powerful Mouth Rig with Auto-Lip Sync - Blender 2.92 Grease Pencil Tutorial

After rigging the 2D body, here's the followup to our Grease Pencil rigging tutorial. We will make the simplest and most powerful ...